About Us

Defined by exceptional craftsmanship and design and using only the highest quality gemstones and materials, Platandia has become known for unsurpassed quality and luxury. 

The Platandia Story

Founded in 2007 by Rob Burton, Platandia continues to manufacture premium luxury jewellery from our workshop studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

Platandia offers a personalized jewellery design and manufacture service, creating extraordinary bespoke pieces for a loyal client base from around the globe.

Our Diamonds

Rob Burton, founder and CEO of Platandia, personally oversees the selection process of every diamond. With in-depth knowledge and experience, Rob provides personalized recommendations to ensure the best possible stone is found for your specific design and budget.

Our Tanzanite

A thousand times rarer than a diamond and uniquely African, Tanzanite is one of the most sought-after limited resources on the planet currently only found in Tanzania.

Our Process

In creating jewellery, gemstones, coins, or other precious items are often used, and they are typically set into precious metals. Alloys of nearly every metal known have been encountered